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Welcome to RAJO Organization

Rajo Foundation is a non-profit grass root organization formed of a group of individuals from across the world, who are passionate about changing the face of poverty in Somaliland on Jan, 2010.Rajo aims to develop programs that build capacity within the Somaliland communities, improves human skills through sharing knowledge and resources, along with promoting Diaspora’s role in contributing to social development in Somaliland.

Rajo provides equal opportunity to all citizens of Somaliland regardless of tribe, gender, region or political affiliation. Rajo Foundation started from the aspiration to give back to a country devastated by wars and tribal division. Rajo Foundation aims to create a transparent and monitor-able platform where different Somaliland Diaspora communities can create development projects in Somaliland. 

The foundation  aims to promote developmental and social entrepreneurship in Somaliland. Our goal is to coordinate efforts of the Somaliland Diaspora to rebuild and create humanitarian and development projects in Somaliland.

Rajo Foundation has people on the ground in Somaliland where projects are directly implemented and accounted for.  Rajo Foundation operates in the USA based California and in London UK and aim to expand our operations globally in order to bring change through a global partnership of the Somaliland Diaspora community.