Rajo Foundation is a non-profit grass-root organization that promotes developmental and social entrepreneurship in Somaliland (Northwestern Somalia.)

The Somaliland Diaspora like any other migrant community sends large amount of remittance back home to families, relatives and charity organization. Our goal is to organize these noble efforts and coordinate them in way that will create noticeable impact on the ground. Rajo Foundation aims to bring effective humanitarian aid to support the needy and vulnerable in Somaliland Society. Rajo Foundation raises funds for development projects in Somaliland. Currently Rajo Foundation is working to fund Hargeisa orphanage to improve care for neglected children.

Rajo’s first development project was funding to furnish and clothe the orphans in Hargeisa orphanage. The first fundraising event was held in Oakland on July 24th, 2010. Local artists, religious leaders and community activists participated. The community raised $3,400 to support Rajo efforts to furnished a new building for the children and buy Eid clothes.

We understand that change must grow and maintained from within. To that end, Rajo Foundation attempts to maintain focuses where development can be created and sustained. Rajo promotes sharing knowledge and resources through training, education, mentoring, and exposure to modern technologies. Rajo works to improve human skills as well as organizational structure and management in order to provide a lasting impact to create positive change.

Managing Directors of Rajo Foundation: