The Fundraising Event in Oakland, CA

The community generously donate to rebuild Hargeisa orphanage and to care for the orphans. Religious leaders, local artist and community activists attended the event. People competed to donate and help out the in our first fund drive for hargeisa orphange.

Ebony Iman, a local artist, showed some of paintings that she created during her recent to Somaliland. Ebony talked about importance of art in healing the wounds of war and social disparity. Through her organization AfriKana, sent art supplies to Hargeisa children and local artists. She talked about the scarcity of art supplies in Somaliland and how school children were delighted to be in art class.

In addition, the previous Somaliland minister of Religion, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim, attended the fundraising. Sheikh Mohamed Ibrahim talked about social responsibility of the able to take care of the weak. He remained the gathering that social security is concept embedded in the Quran. Reading from different chapters in the Quran and Hdhith, Sheikh Mohamed Ibrahim talked about how God entrusted people with his wealth and gave us control of natural resources, He said that it is religious and human duty to share what knowledge and resources with the vulnerable ones.

Another speaker was, Mamat, an internationally renewed photographer and poet. He added more the responsibility of any community to give to their homeland. Reading from He talked about the social security is concept introduced in the Quran. He used historic.

The 2nd Annual fundraising for Rajo

The second annual event to raise funds for Somaliland vulnerable children will take place in Emeryville, California in the United States. The Somaliland Community in Northern California will gather on June 5th, 2011 to celebrate the accomplishments of Rajo Foundation and raise awareness of the dire situation in Hargeisa orphanage. We encourage everyone in the area to attend. And for those outside the area, please make sure to donate online and help raise awareness of Hargeisa’s orphans. It is important cause.
The event will feature local guest speaker, poetry reading and free Somali food.