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Rajo’s new Development Project

Rajo has started a new project in Hargaisa to expand on our previous efforts. The project sponsors orphan children at their homes in Hargaisa, (only in Hargeisa for now but hoping to expand to the other regions with your help.) Rajo currently sponsors 67 orphans in different districts in Hargaisa and our aim is to sponsor 100 children, 25 children in each of Hargeisa’s four main districts. Hargeisa Orphanage is running at full capacity and cannot accept more children because of limited space and resources. There are thousands of orphan children cared for by single mothers or relatives all around Somaliland. These children live in difficult circumstances. These single mothers struggle on daily basis to provide for these children and don’t have the financial capability to raise their kids.  Rajo staff realized the severity of how poor children in Hargeisa live. Beside hundred of orphan children cared for in the main orphanage, there are more children with similar needs. It became clear that we needed to expand the programme.

Rajo’s amazing team in Hargaisa in collaboration with women community activists in different neighborhoods is carrying out this project. This project is meant to assist the deprived orphans at their homes. Rajo team investigates and scrutinizes the information received about these orphans and makes sure the accuracy of their situation and needs. Once a child is listed in the program, the mother receives monthly donation to buy food and other basic necessities for their children. In addition, Hargeisa’s schools are participating in the program by providing access to free schooling. The Rajo Hargeisa team is doing outstanding work (Masha Allah), and has already noticed the changes in the lives of children and their families.
All of this can be achieved by sponsoring a child for $20 per month.

Given what Rajo has accomplished in Hargeisa Orphanage and what it hopes to achieve it is crucial to have your support. We are aware that majority of Somaliland Diaspora is already supporting family members and relatives back homes, but the question is who will look after those who don’t have any help nor receive any remittance from anyone? It was once said “A society is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members.”

I am sure many of us in the Diaspora have resources to aid young orphans and put a smile on their faces. We can all be something for somebody else that we never met and have no personal connection with or blood tie. Donation to strangers is not something foreign to our culture and the character of our people; supporting the needy is mandated by our religion and has been distinctive characteristic of our people. Through our collective efforts we aim to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable in the society.  It is also an investment in the future of our young nation. Success of this project would be an emblem to highlight the immense progress Somaliland has made so far as a nation and as a society, where respect of law and collectiveness come first before tribalism and divisionism.

I am appealing to the college students and young professionals specifically, to the Somaliland Diaspora and prosperous ones in the Homeland in general to support Rajo Foundation and pledge in any capacity. Any amount is welcomed $1, $5, $10, $20, or other monthly or one-time donations. Whatever anyone can afford, it will make a huge difference in the lives of these orphans.
Rajo Foundation takes the governance and management of its resources very seriously. The Foundation operates in Somaliland, the UK and in the United State. We aim to expand our operations globally in order to bring change through a global partnership of the Somaliland Diaspora community. Using Internet and social media, our donors can monitor Rajo activities and interact with recipients and staff. By posting monthly progression report, donors and participants can check on the effectiveness of their donations. The managing team of Rajo Foundation consists of young women, who decided to take action and make difference in their home country. All of the managing members do not get pay; everyone who has worked with us has been volunteers. All the money raised by Shukri Farah raised money goes to the projects.

It is up to us individually to join our forces and simple contributions to make a difference as a community or we can simply sealed our conscious, close our eyes and leave these vulnerable individuals among us to hunger and suffering.  If sponsoring a child by one person is a bit much, two people can sponsor a child together, or even three or four people can sponsor one child together.  Your help is greatly appreciated and your donations are multiplied in ten folds.  Together we can make a real difference. Thank You..

There are multiple ways to make donations:

USA – Bank Name: Wells Fargo
Account Name: Rajo Foundatioon
Account #: 6605881
Swift code: wsbius6s
San Francisco, CA

Or via our website:
You can donate via Paypal or by credit card.

Future Project

Abaarso Tech School in Hargaisa

Abaarso Tech is shining example of individuals’ generosity and the difference they can make. Our goal is help Abaarso Tech achieve their goals by facilitating connection to Somaliland Diaspora through the internet and social media. Abaarso Tech is aiming to make its children proficient in English and Math. The school administration intend for their student to tae American high school Standardized Test (SAT,) so that they will be able to attend American Universities.

Our goal is to recruit from Somaliland Diaspora in the Western countries, professional and graduate students who can mentor Abaarso Tech students and prepare them to study college abroad. Graduate students and working professional can play important role in shaping the dreams of Abaarso talented students. The role of mentorship can play in academic setting is undeniable. Students under guidance of experienced individuals can arrive at academic and professional success at faster pace. Research in both educational settings and in the workplace indicates that students and employees alike are more likely to succeed if they have had a mentor. The Diaspora involvement in Somaliland education can help speed up the quality evolution of educational system in Somaliland. All of Abaarso’ teachers are volunteers from different counties.

Working the school’s administration to connect students with Somali professionals who them realize their dreams in attending Universities in the United States in Canada. Using social media mediums and other communication technologies, Abaarso Tech can be connected with Somali graduate students or with working professionals in scientific or engineering field. We believe this mentorship can help students learn more about their different fields that can study and learn about the practicality of math and science. In addition, Abaarso Tech is in need to recruit Somalis teachers to teach English and math.