Hargeisa Orphanage

Hargeisa orphanage was in a desperate situation; children were living in dreadful conditions. The children under five were divided into two small cramped rooms. These rooms were the children slept were filthy, cold and damp. The children spent 24 hours a day trapped in these rooms with a lack of social interaction. Many of the children could not crawl, walk or talk, the environment was not child friendly at all. The orphanage was overcrowded yet under resourced with a lack of basic needs for the children such as beds, cots and bedding meaning many children slept on the cold concrete floor and those that were lucky slept two to three in a small cot. There was a lack of staff to supervise and take care of the children at all times leading to neglect. There was a lack of access to bathroom facilities, which all had a profound effect on the children’s health causing illnesses.  

The orphanage takes care of 343 children. Children in this orphanage were cramped in a small space and in very poor condition. Poverty and war are the main reasons why these children end up in orphanages. Because of lack of resource and caretakers, infants and babies used to spend most of the daytime in a very small and lifeless room.  These Children eat dry bread for breakfast and plain rice during lunch.

The orphanage is struggling to keep accommodate increasing demand in face of limiting resources. Because of lack of care and absence of parents and role models many teens after the age of 18 continue to live and eat at the Orphanage for lack of jobs and college education funds. Hargeisa orphanage takes care of orphans as old as 25 years old. Because of lack of supervision kids in the orphanage either dropped out of school or don’t find the motivation to continue into college.. The orphanage does not receive any government funds. It is largely dependant on donations and efforts by volunteers to maintain facilities and care for children.

Rajo Foundation helped to build new feclicty with large two rooms and fenced playground. Rajo House provides a safe, clean, comfortable and dignified living space for children under the age of 5.Rajo Foundation intervened and developed a program to support the orphanage. We successfully managed to raise enough funds to design and build a brand new home called ‘Rajo House’ for children under five living in the orphanage. The home is damp proof, spacious and clean. The home has been fully furnished with new purpose built furniture to accommodate young children. Special attention has been taken to ensure all materials used are of the best quality and are suitable for young children. The home has been specially child proofed to ensure health and safety measures are adhered to.
The Foundation has developed sustainable long-term plans for the orphanage:

  • Rajo House has a utility room and storage rooms.
  • Rajo has also built new bathroom facilities suitable for young children. Previously the under five’s had no access to bathroom facilities
  • Rajo has built a separate kitchen are to cater for the specific food requirements of young children. We have also developed a nutrition plan for the children and shall train all care givers in healthy eating, health and safety, hygiene and sanitation.
  • Rajo has provided toys for the orphanage to aid development and learning such as walkies and educational material. We have also developed an exercise plan, to stimulate and engage the children.
  • Rajo has developed volunteer programs to empower and involve the community in the art of giving back to society. This creates a lasting social link with the orphanage and the community volunteering and with work experience.
  • Rajo has qualified health professionals to see the children ones a week in the orphanage to do checkups and ensure all children are well and healthy.
  • Rajo has trained and recruited new staff with specific roles such as care givers, cleaners, cooks and supervisors to tend to the specific needs of the children. We provide their wages and help to support supplementary other staff’s salaries
  • Rajo supplements the orphanages Food Budget and provides items such as nappies, cleansing and cleaning material.  
  • Rajo ensured the safety of the children by providing a fenced out play area so that the children can play outside yet be supervised at all times
  • Rajo provides the children with gifts, clothing and toys on Eid and also outings or events for Eid celebrations. 
  • Rajo Provided furniture and carries out refurbishment work within the orphanage.
Before After

Children older than five years need a better facility. Their building is still in poor condition. We encourage everyone to donate monthly to Hargeisa. Every penny will directly go rebuild the orphanage and buy supplies for the children.