The mission of this non profit organization is to create hope for the vulnerable people of Northeastern Somalia that have been negatively impacted by war and famine for many years. The mission is to focus on the education sector by providing resources to people of those regions so that they feel empowered.our goal of this non profit organization is to improve the livelihood of residents of the region and to accomplish many different projects every year that will develop the region as a whole.


The reasons why we decided to focus on education for our first project is because education solves a lot of problems and has many benefits such as poverty reduction, higher income, promotes equality, has health benefits, higher income, promotes equality, has health benefits, decreases crime, and reduces child marriages. It has been proven that the root cause of poverty is the lack of education. Therefore we would be solving many problems by improving the education sector. 

  • Create awareness by reaching out to the Somali youth in the United States.

  • Create a strong connection between the youth in the US and the Somali youth in Somalia.

  • Improve education by helping create trade schools that teach hand-on skills such as auto repair, technology, agricultural education, cosmetology, business education,  computer technology and construction.

  • Send educational books that are translated in Somali and establish long lasting institutions such as libraries.

  • Teach women skills that will help them gain financial independence and empower women to attend schools.

  • Help create financial independence by introducing ways to create self sufficient methods to generate income such as teaching financial planning and sustainability. Give funding to University students that have ideas to improve their community. Create employment for the youth and host educational seminars.


Rajo Foundation promotes positivity, peace and provides resources to young people. It builds self esteem and teaches them that they do have what it takes to be successful . It's important to support Rajo Foundation because it will help improve the lives of many people by reducing crime, increasing their knowledge and income.

Rajo foundation believes that the solution to our problems is not to run away from them but rather to use our knowledge to better the future of our country. That’s why we need your help to make our vision a reality. Please donate, this could change not only the life of one person but a whole generation. 

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